Hate Max Landis? Your Loss…

I pitched around a version of this article last summer to no avail. But, seeing as I wrote a vomit draft, I thought I’d go ahead and post it on the blog. So take your mind back to June last year and enjoy!

I didn’t much care for Dave Green’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows. So to say that this detailed pitch from film industry personality Max Landis for an alternative sequel to the Michael Bay-produced 2014 reboot is a whole lot more fun than the actual TMNT 2 doesn’t count for all that much, but it’s not nothing.

Landis has made a name for himself among film fans, as much for being outspoken on Twitter as for his writing credits (Chronicle and the underrated American Ultra, to name just two). But Landis offers something so few big industry names do: frankness. I see honesty in his Twitter feed, as well as in his participation in reddit chats, his numerous Internet show appearances and on his personal YouTube account. It’s something not enough of his ilk talk about, but when he shares the (often shitty) experiences he’s had in the film industry, I buy it.

Some have complained he’s whining (“I’ve got x number of movies made and a couple of TV shows in pre-production, but things are still hard…”). I get it. He’s one of the elite in his field, he can get consistent work, so he should just shut up and be grateful. But I don’t think his complaints are purely narcissistic; I think he’s trying to help us, particularly any of us seeking to make it in this brutal industry.

But, even if you can’t get behind his approach to the grander topics, I’m sure you can still enjoy this pitch for an infinitely more interesting (and crowd-pleasing) TMNT sequel. Dorky or fun, you decide, but I can only see his unbridled enthusiasm for his craft as a positive. How about Michael Bay rope Max in for an $80m TMNT 3?

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