Bloody Disgusting Reviews

‘Spaceship’ is Weird and Kind Of Wonderful

October 14th 2016


If Only ‘Personal Shopper’ Was as Divisive as You’ve Heard

October 11th 2016


‘A Dark Song’ is a Flawed Occult Chamber Piece

October 10th 2016


‘Blair Witch’ Turns this Series up to Eleven

September 12th 2016


‘The Neighbor’ is Too Unsure of Itself to Really Thrill

September 12th 2016


‘Realive’ is a Moving Sci-Fi Love Story

September 1st 2016


‘The Windmill Massacre’ Isn’t Your Average Slasher

August 31st 2016


‘Broken’ Will in Fact Break You

August 30th 2016


‘Blood Feast’ Has the Makings of a Cult Favourite

August 30th 2016


‘From a House on Willow Street’ is a Case of Too Much, Too Soon

August 29th 2016


‘The Chamber’ is a Well-made Submarine Survival Thriller

August 28th 2016


‘My Father Die’ is a Striking and Mythic Revenge Thriller

August 27th 2016

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