Moonlight Review


Moonlight will blast the cobwebs from even the most jaded moviegoers. Told in three parts, at key stages of his youth, Moonlight tells the story of a black man coming to terms with his homosexuality, and the results are stunning!

The film looks and sounds amazing, with James Laxton on cinematography duties and a stunning soundtrack featuring beautiful original work from Nicholas Britell interspersed with tracks by artists including Boris Gardiner, Goodie Mob and Barbara Lewis. The performances are also terrific, with great work from Alex R. Hibbert, Ashton Sanders and Trevante Rhodes playing the three version of our central character.

Even more compelling is Mahershala Ali, playing a earnest drug-dealer who takes Little under his wing during the first segment. He’s not around for parts 2 or 3, but his legacy lives on. Best Supporting Actor would be the least we could do to acknowledge a performance this bracingly human. David Ehrlich’s “CAROL by way of Frank Ocean” description is absolutely spot on.


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