See No Evil 2 Review – Slow Mo Splatter

Disclaimer: This was written at the beginning of 2015, and my opinions on the horror genre have developed dramatically in the intervening two years.

It is often said that there’s no such thing as an original idea. I’m not entierly sure I agree, but it’s a sentiment unarguable when it comes to that most generic of horror subgenres: the slasher.

Chuck a bunch of kids into an enclosed location (a morgue, in this case) and send some crazed psycho killer after them. The first fly will drop about half an hour in and then they’ll continue to tumble until one or two remain to take on the big bad in a final showdown.

See No Evil 2 ticks all those boxes, and then some. A direct follow-up to 2006’s much derided WWE Studios movie, this sequel once again sees Kane’s Jacob Goodnight on the prowl for young meat.


However, there is something worth shouting about in See No Evil 2, and that’s The Soska Sisters. These unlikely twins are the brains behind 2012’s American Mary, plus their fabulously titled debut Dead Hooker in a Trunk, and they make this whole thing worthwhile.

They direct with such confidence and even find room to include some really artful slow motion. Their visuals touch on real beauty, at times, even if their blood is a tad watery for my liking. The camera leads the action brilliantly and matches the dedication of the willing cast. Everyone here seems to be giving it a good go: no one more so than the sisters themselves.

Some real pizzazz from the directorial duo and a solid cast help elevate this otherwise by-the-numbers slasher. Let’s just hope that someone soon gives The Twisted Twins a real cracker of a screenplay to work with.


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