Things I Love About Movies Introduction

This was an idea triggered by Josh Larsen, Chicago-based film critic and co-host of the Filmspotting podcast. On a recent episode, Larsen spoke of mortality being one of his favourite cinematic themes. And, I must say, I was mighty intrigued by the concept of a favourite theme. Then I realised I had some of my own; youth (and it’s corruption), fatalism, integrity and escapism, to name just a few.
While favourite heady themes are one thing, what of more practical directorial choices? What of favourite camera movements, narrative developments or colour schemes etc.?
Things I Love About Movies was born thusly. In this series, I’ll break down a favourite cinematic ‘feature’, discuss why I love it so much and exemplify with a recently watched movie.
Before you get your hopes up, I don’t envision it as a weekly, or even fortnightly thing, but I do hope to keep coming back to this idea, as and when a movie really takes my breath away.
Here’s to cinema!






P.S. Do I have a workable acronym on my hands? TILAM? I think that could work . . .

Things I Love About Movies #1 – Dialogue-free musical sequences

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