The Murmur’s Christmas #1

I present to you my newly instated most-read review of all time . . .

The BIFA-nominated Flim: The Movie follows Indian ‘flim’ director, Ravi Vasami (Raffaello Degruttola), on his quest to produce a feature film in Britain. Degruttola also writes and directs, utilising a faux-documentary format to craft a scathing and intelligent satire of the film industry, both here and abroad.
I must admit, this came out of nowhere to claim the top spot, and before Christmas day, no less! But, it was the vocal (and very generous) support of Raff on social media that sent this one stratospheric.
So, a big thank to Raff Degruttola. And, if my review has intrigued you, the film is available to buy/rent from Vimeo and iTunes.
Give him a follow on Twitter!

The film’s trailer.

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