Some Kind of Hate Review – Metal!

Some Kind of Hate introduces us to Moira, the most inventive horror movie killer in recent memory.
Bullied to the point of suicide, Moira returns from the dead when called upon to wreak vengeance on the world’s bullies. The caller in question is Lincoln (the striking Ronen Rubenstein), a quiet metalhead who’s sent to a seemingly Illuminati-esque rehabilitation ‘school’ when he plunges a fork into his high school bully’s cheek. However, the sinister establishment turns out to be the least of Lincoln’s worries, as he’s soon preyed upon by another set of teen tormentors. And, with the call of ‘I wish they were all dead’, Moira starts sharpening the razor blades.
Her voodoo doll-tinged modus operandi sees any harm she inflicts upon herself replicated on her victims. Think Dolores Umbridge’s Black Quill in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix . . . only a million times worse. It’s an inspired concept and makes for some blood-curdling moments.
Brian DeLeeuw (writer) and Adam Egypt Mortimer’s (writer & director) choice to place Moira as a slasher villain with a killer supernatural twist works wonders and delivers some truly chilling moments. And these aren’t all gore-related. Our first real glimpse of Moira is via a brilliantly edited jump scare, and the chills develop from there. Her earliest appearances had me gnawing at my fingernails, as she greets Lincoln and begins stalking her first victims.
Be warned, though, this is tough stuff. Victims are left slashed to pieces and, in keeping with the film’s killer, Mortimer’s (director) camera doesn’t relent. Throats are cut, wrists are slashed and some of the character’s enjoy it all a little too much. As Lincoln comes to terms with the carnage he’s orchestrated, he banishes Moira . . . only for her to find a home with one of the other characters. This moment works as a really effective passing along of power and it functions as a strong piece of character development, in addition to being a smart deconstruction of the ‘bad girl; bad influence’ concept.
Benji Bakshi does great work with the cinematography and the juxtaposition of the sun-bleached desert scorch and dingy corridors lit by piercing torchlight makes for a striking contrast. Attention should also be drawn to the excellent costuming for Moira. Her razor blade necklace was an inspired addition. And the metal filmmaking doesn’t end there. Josh Ethier’s editing is visceral and instinctual, and cuts together brilliantly with Robert Allaire’s rock-heavy score. You’ll be chest-thumping as the first strained power chords rumble into view.
At times, Some Kind of Hate seems fuelled by just that, hate. However, there’s an unexpected emotional range to the characters that the film, as a whole, echoes perfectly. Don’t be put off by the depravity; like all the best metal there’s a catharsis to the carnage and, leaving the movie, you’ll be pumped up. But, violent? No way.


Some Kind of Hate is out now on DVD/VOD via FrightFest Presents.

Screener and images provided by Fetch Publicity. Thank you!

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