Is that botox? – The Murmur’s had some work done!

Hey, all!

I’ve finally upgraded to having two sidebars. I’ve just been running with one until now, but I’d wanted more room to spread things about a bit, and it turns out adding a left sidebar was a million times easier than I’d anticipated. So, here we are!

At the moment, I’ve dedicated the left sidebar to an About section and my Twitter feed. As well as my top ten most viewed reviews of all time, for those of you that are interested. Then the right sidebar is far more focused on exploring the site. We start with the top three reviews of the month, and then move onto sorting every article/review by Star Rating, Category and Series, before finishing with The Murmur’s archive.

Again, this doesn’t apply to those of you who view the site on mobile devices, I’m afraid. But these two wonderful sidebars are waiting to be explored on the desktop version, if you ever feel so inclined!

I may change things up a bit until I settle on a long-term layout – and I’d love to hear what you all think – but, in the meantime, go explore!

Until next time,

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