Just what it says on the tin!

I’ve just finished another site renovation session, and thought I’d breakdown the updates.

I’ve finally worked out how to properly use the labels that appear at the bottom of each article. Clicking on ‘‘, for example, will take you to every other article I’ve tagged with ‘‘ (a.k.a. every film/episode/TV show I’ve ever awarded four stars). 

Some of these labels are featured in the right sidebar*, under subheadings such as ‘Star Ratings’ and ‘Categories’. Which should make it easier for you to pinpoint the articles you want to check out.

I’ve also done some resizing, both to the page width and some of the fonts, all in an effort to make the text easier to read. I also feel it’s made the page look more pleasing to the eye, as a whole.

But better than any long-winded explanation, give the site an explore. I’m really pleased with how it’s shaping up and any feedback is always appreciated!

*This doesn’t apply to mobile users, I’m afraid, as all you get it the nuts and bolts main page.

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