Holliston – The Murmur Crypt

It’s been a busy few days here at The Murmur Towers, so I’m sorry for the dead air. And it’s set to continue, as I’m currently spending a few much needed days with my beautiful girlfriend, Natalia. 

But, just to let you all know, I’m still more than open to any 20,000 views celebration ideas. The Youtube plan is still on top, and I have a feeling it may stay that way . . . but maybe incorporating the top 20 of all time idea? We’ll see, but do let me know if you’ve got a particular preference. I can be reached via the comments below or on Twitter @benedictseal and Facebook.

Much of my time these last few days has been spent doing family stuff, as well as some odd jobs around the house. The latter being a particular drag. But it has has gifted me with a lot of podcast-time. It’s a medium I’ve been invested in for a good few years now, but I’ve found myself increasingly enamoured. One of my new fixes being ‘The Movie Crypt‘, an audio film school of sorts with Adam Green (the Hatchet series, Spiral, Frozen and, most recently, the terrific Digging Up The Marrow) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2 and Everly). 

As I’ve done with many of my favourite podcasts, I went out and started from episode 1 and proceeded to catch up with the weekly (in this case) updates. I’m still a good 80 episodes out, but I’m well on my way. One thing that’s been particularly interesting about The Movie Crypt catch-up is the unfolding narrative of Holliston, their horror-inflected sitcom. 

With a basis in Green’s $400 biographical debut feature, Coffee & Donuts, Holliston tells the story of Adam and Joe (played by Green and Lynch), two failing horror directors trying to break into the industry. In fact, they started the podcast to coincide with the show’s second season airing on FEARnet, anticipating tying everything up after the ten episode run was up. But the podcast was such a hit with audiences that it continued. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the show . . .

Dave Brockie (a.k.a. Gwar front man, Oderus Urungus), who played Green’s imaginary friend on the show, passed away tragically in the months after season two concluded. Green was then hit by the news of FEARnet’s termination by parent company Comcast. Season 3 was dead . . . until now.

An otherwise mundane Monday was crowned by the news that Green, Lynch and their co-stars, Corri English, Laura Ortiz and Dee Snider, are coming back next summer with another run of Holliston episodes. This time working with GeekNation, the network behind The Movie Crypt podcast.

I never got to watch the first two seasons of Holliston and I haven’t even been able to catch-up, as I have with Green and Lynch’s features, due to the show still not having been launched in the UK. But that will all change with season 3. One of the key factors for Green and his team was that, if the show was to return, it must be available to as many of the people who want to watch it as possible. So, while the specifics are yet to have been revealed – or finalised, we can speculate – Green has promised that Holliston will be available via GeekNation wherever you are in the world (barring any government censorship or what have you).

Holliston is coming, baby! And you better be ready for it because I can imagine this won’t be the last time it comes up on here!

Meanwhile, go listen to some podcasts. The filmmaking/filmmaker ones, in particular, blossom the kind of community I’ve yet to really experience from any other medium. Go out there and start a conversation, folks, you never know where it might lead . . .

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