20,000 Pageviews – How to Celebrate?

Thanks to your continued support, the site is slowly creeping towards the 20,000 lifetime-pageviews mark. Now that probably isn’t a particularly ‘impressive’ figure, but it seems pretty cool to me.
At the time of writing, it’s currently sitting at 19,266. Now, best case scenario, that 750 or so views takes three weeks and, worst case scenario, we’re looking at six, I would say. Which, coincidently, would line up pretty close to The Murmur’s fourth anniversary on August 31st.
But, whenever that counter eventually ticks over to 20k, I was wondering how exactly I should thank you all.
So this is where you come in . . . what should I do to celebrate hitting 20,000 views?

  • Is there a particular film series/franchise/filmmaker I should review?
  • Would you like to see me do another Youtube video? And, if so, what? A review? My top ten of the year so far?
  • Should I do a series of in-depth articles based around a particular film or filmmaker?
  • Should I team up with another critic/blogger for an article? And, if so, who?
I’m open to absolutely anything, so do chime in if you’ve got something that you think might work!
You can contact me using the comments section below, or on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, if you’d rather it be something more private (who knows why, but let’s roll with it), you can email me at themurmurblog@gmail.com. And, if I don’t hear from any of you, I guess I’ll just have to come up with something myself and nobody wants that!
I’ve added a live pageviews counter on the right hand side so you can keep up with my progress and do share this, if you like what you see!

See you at 20k!

Thank you for the response so far! We currently have two votes for a new Youtube video. Plus, some love for a rundown of my top 20 (thousand) films of all time, and a set of reviews all focused around the ‘20,000’ theme (so, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, 20,000 Days on Earth and 10,000 BC . . . twice). If you agree with any of the above, please do make yourself known! 

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