Nightcrawler – Gyllenhaal’s Got Guts

Jake Gyllenhaal takes on freelance crime journalism in this slick, and terrifically twisted, drama from ‘Real Steel’ writer, and first-time director, Dan Gilroy.
And what a debut! Gilroy is a class-act throughout, delivering a highly accomplished visualisation of his excellent script. In fact, the movie stands out as one of the most impressive directorial debuts in recent years.
And Gilroy would be the star of the show if it weren’t for Gyllenhaal, who delivers a career-best performance as the demented Louis Bloom, a man to whom human life means absolutely nothing. Even his attempted relationship with Rene Russo’s Nina screams of selfishness. Gyllenhaal’s smile is deadly and his words deliciously creepy. This guy is an unforgiveable sociopath, yet Gilroy’s direction and Gyllenhaal’s performance make him devilishly watchable and deeply enigmatic.
Also, a big shoutout to Britain’s own Riz Ahmed (star of the fabulous ‘Four Lions’, among other things) who’s equally transformative as Bloom’s assistant, Rick.
Gyllenhaal is the real draw here, but a brilliantly crafted script and some exceptional visuals ensure Nightcrawler will linger long in the memory. Sickening, but gloriously so.


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