Before I Go To Sleep – Zzzzz

Someone’s really kidding themselves with ‘Before I Go To Sleep’.
Adapted from S. J. Watson’s novel of the same name, BIGTS sees Nicole Kidman waking up terrified one morning in bed with Colin Firth. Colin Firth, however, reveals himself as Ben, her husband . . . of fourteen years. Turns out poor old Nicole has some strange form of amnesia that leaves her waking up every morning having forgotten the previous days events.

The stage is set for a twisty psychological thriller about trust, or the lack thereof, and adult relationships. But, Rowan Joffe (director) never really delivers. The two leads, while both fine actors, are hopelessly miscast. I know typecasts should be subverted, but really? And, I feel ashamed to say it, but they’re both too old for their roles. There’s an interesting movie to be made about middle-aged relationships, but the script screams of youthful naivety . . . that Kidman and Firth simply can’t deliver.
Mark Strong, on the other hand, does a solid job delivering the increasingly creepy diagnoses of amnesia-specialist, Dr. Nash, and he provides a few moments of clarity in an otherwise cluttered and messy movie.

Why they chose to dress up what is ultimately a trashy thriller as something distinctly more high-brow has me confused. I never saw anyone but Kidman and Firth on-screen and even Mark Strong was still just Mark Strong.
There’s a decent movie to be made from this source, but this isn’t it. In truth, maybe they should’ve just given it to David Fincher . . . 

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