The Grand Budapest Hotel – Delightful

One of the surprise box office hits of the year so far, Wes Anderson’s latest movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel, seems to have struck a real chord with audiences. And I’m pleased to say that attention is thoroughly deserved as Anderson delivers yet another delightfully-crafted slice of whimsy.

Ralph Fiennes leads a cameo-stuffed cast as Gustave H, the oddball concierge of the titular establishment, and we spend the duration of the movie following him through his wacky adventures in search of a priceless piece of Renaissance art.
Fiennes is truly remarkable and, alongside his new lobby boy Zero (played by newcomer Tony Revolori), he develops into one half of one of the greatest, and most charming, bromances ever to grace the big screen. Their deftly handled rapport is second to none and sees them both performing at the top of their game.
As do the rest of the cast who all do a stellar job of delivering Anderson’s richly detailed and dancingly lyrical dialogue. And, to think that dialogue that great is left to play second fiddle to the visuals . . .
Anderson treats every single frame with the delicacy of a master craftsman. The result is exquisitely beautiful and his use of symmetry, along with his attention to detail, is unparalleled in modern cinema.
The public have spoken, The Grand Budapest Hotel is without doubt one of the great cinematic achievements of 2014.


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