30 Minutes or Less – Zombieland This Is Not

My expectations were high for ’30 Minutes or Less’, Ruben Fleischer’s follow-up to the excellent ‘Zombieland’, but something’s not quite right this time round.
Gone is the wacky charm of his blood-drenched debut, and in its place we have lowest-common-denominator crude, and kind of nasty, ‘humour’.

Danny McBride’s Dwayne and his sidekick, Travis (Nick Swardson), come up with a master-plan to off his mega-rich dad. Their genius scheme involves strapping a bomb to pizza delivery boy Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) and giving him just 10 hours to rob a bank, so they can then use the cash to hire a hitman to finish the job.

But it’s all so remarkably unfunny. While the interplay between Nick and his best friend, Chet (Aziz Ansari), starts out promisingly enough, jokes about sleeping with each other’s sisters get real old, real fast.
Dwayne and Travis are even worse and they seem lost in some hopelessly out-dated frat-boy comedy . . . it’s strange, to say the least.
Things do start to pick up, though, and Eisenberg and Ansari grow into their roles a bit. But, everything falls flat on its face again when we finally get to the poorly executed robbery. If you think the movie struggles with the stoner comedy, the action comedy is a whole new level of hopeless.
While there are moments of enjoyment to be had, to go from such a well-measured comedy to such a fumbling one in a single movie . . . you really dropped the ball their, Fleischer.

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