Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1.17 – ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ Review

An expert, if exploitative, blend of crosses and double crosses provides the driving force for this week’s episode. After a swing this way and major swing that, ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ develops, and maintains, a heightened sense of confusion. Just like the characters, I had no idea who to trust . . . and, just like the characters, it ended up being no one.

And talking of trust issues, Brett Dalton (Agent Ward) gives what is probably his most impressive performance so far . . . and all in the final few seconds. I never thought he had it in him, but he left me absolutely devastated.

While the pace may not be quite as relentless as last week’s heart-racing instalment, ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ is another thrilling post-Captain America episode and I cannot reinforce enough just how exciting it is to see TV and movies blurred together like this.


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