The Burning Times – My psychology teacher’s written a book!

…sounds like a slightly pointless public information pamphlet.

But, no, he actually has. And, it’s not even a mind-numbing research paper, it’s a fun book full of derring-do and witches and stuff.

In the past month alone, he’s published the first two instalments of an ongoing five-part fantasy series known as ‘The Burning Times’… all while teaching full-time.  And, so his immensely enviable productivity doesn’t go totally unnoticed, I’d like to tell you about it.

I was one of the first in line to download ‘Tinderspark’, the first book, and I’d planned to review it on the site to try and spread the word a bit. But, for the past few weeks, my ‘Kindle for PC’ app has been left hovering on the ‘34% read’ mark. Now, this isn’t due to any negative feelings towards the book – it’s a thoroughly enjoyable, tightly-woven romp through the fantasy-tinged forests of central Europe during the witch-hunts – instead, it’s a failure on my part. I’ve just got so bad at reading. Why is watching movies so easy!!

But still, I planned on waiting until I’d reached that 100% mark . . . until a day or two ago, when I was called to arms by this;

 How local journalism works – an e-guide

An article detailing Mr Rowe’s futile struggle against the hopelessly unambitious and achingly hypocritical local paper; a publication that has repeatedly turned down my request for a work experience placement . . . not that I’m bitter or anything (I’m not, honest!). It’s just such a shame that when they finally have something interesting to talk about, they dismiss it as being too repetitive.

So, instead, I would like to give Jonathan Rowe a ringing endorsement. It’s hard writing five full-length novels, and it’s even harder building an audience.

I may only have a fraction of the readership of the Spalding Guardian, but please take a moment to lose yourself in the world of Quality Durrand, the fire-haired Tinderspark.

And sorry to bombard you with links but here goes . . .

Jonathan Rowe’s Twitter, Facebook and Weebly

Book 1, ‘Tinderspark’, can be sampled and purchased here and book 2, ’Hexenfire’, here.

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