Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – Why doesn’t it work?

There’s a lot to like about the latest Mission Impossible movie. It’s action-packed, features a strong cast and looks absolutely incredible, but its globetrotting escapades left me feeling pretty cold. So what on earth is the problem?

It may be Tom Cruise; someone who I’ve never bought as any kind of action hero . . . especially not when he’s pushing fifty. He’s just too po-faced to be enjoyable and you get the feeling he’s trying just that little bit too hard. Yes, it’s remarkable that he’s still up for throwing himself out of buildings just for a movie, but his effort can’t make up for his total inability to balance the action and the laughs.
That being said, the writers must take some of the blame. They write a damn good action set-piece, but they really seem to struggle with character-driven moments and both Cruise’s Hunt and Paula Patton’s Carter are hopelessly ill-fitted. Admittedly, they fare better when it comes to Simon Pegg’s Dunn, and his charm is one of the most enjoyable things about the movie.
If there’s going to be a part five, I just hope they finally make the move to drop Cruise and promote Jeremy Renner’s Brandt into the lead role. He’s far better suited to the tongue-in-cheek thrills the series has always strived for. If that happens, I’m in . . . if not, then thanks, but no thanks.


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