Mean Girls 2 – Why Does This Exist?

I really don’t see the point in TV Movie sequels/spin-offs to theatrically released films.
The original ‘Mean Girls’ was a massive success when it was released back in 2004, and you can see why; it was witty, fresh, and featured an up-and-coming Lindsay Lohan. Safe to say, it went down a storm with teenage girls who really responded to the frank, but entertaining, tale of high-school stereotypes and young love.
So, on that evidence, ‘Mean Girls 2’ makes sense . . . if only it were released in cinemas. But no, they chose to send it straight to TV and, although my knowledge of advert financing is pretty limited, that doesn’t seem to equate to big-bucks.
But, the thing is, it’s not even that terrible and, considering the circumstances, it doesn’t feel that cheap. Like its predecessor, we have a teenage girl who’s had an unconventional high school experience but, contrary to the original, Meaghan Martin’s Jo is more than ready for the horrors that period of teenage life brings.

However, even with the few (mostly insignificant) changes to the formula, this feels almost totally unoriginal and the similarities are impossible to miss . . . just with weaker actors and dumbed-down writing. It also lacks the charming quotability of the Tina Fey-scribed first instalment.
It may be laughably derivative at times, but ‘Mean Girls 2’ provides some decent high school comedy-drama for those looking for it.


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