Falling Skies – Pilot Review

It may be due to an over-exposure to ‘Lost’, but I’m a sucker for sentimental final scenes in episodic television. So many Lost episodes followed action-packed adventure with moving scenes on the beach, and I always loved those sequences. As did the team behind ‘Falling Skies’, it seems.

In this pilot episode (originally aired in 2011), the group of alien-invasion survivors take a moment to wish a young kid happy birthday . . . and it’s lovely. Which is quite a contrast to the action-heavy food-scavenging mission just a couple of minutes before.
In fact, that’s not the only Lost similarity. The idea of focusing on a band of survivors and the nature of some of the characters all sent welcome reminders of my favourite TV show of all time. And, for that reason alone, I’m well and truly on board.


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