World War Z – World War (Mess)Z

‘World War Z’ is a terribly messy movie. It’s ill-disciplined, often totally baffling . . . and remarkably entertaining.

Throughout its infamously troubled production, news would regularly leak out about script issues and the movie underwent one of the largest sets of re-shoots I can think of. Yet, somehow, there is still enjoyment to be had.
The first hour or so is fiendishly fast-paced, tearing across the world from set piece to set-piece, barely taking a moment to catch its breath. Then we get to Wales, and the $200m budget suddenly disappears to reveal a slow-burn, small-scale horror-survival picture. It’s really rather strange. Admittedly, it was the final act that caused the most grief for the production team, but it still seems like an odd compromise.
But, when thinking back on the early sequences, it’s pretty hard to not find yourself rather blown away by it all . . . for better or worse. Whatever your views on fast paced, and jarringly CGI, zombies, seeing carnage on that sort of scale is nothing short of incredible. Even if it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

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