The Raid – Beautifully Brutal

As the ever-growing catalogue of English-language remakes of foreign films proves, there are many people out there who refuse to watch movies with subtitles. But, if there is ever going to be a subtitled movie that everyone can understand, then this is it.

Gareth Evans, the Welsh director of this Indonesian action movie, has unearthed a truly universal language; the language of violence. Whether you like it or not, people understand machetes in a way they’re never going to understand Indonesian, and Evans knows this. He keeps the dialogue simple, but effective, and instead lets the action do the talking.
And boy does it get its point across. You feel every single. Punch. Kick. Stab. Shot. Slice. Dice. And it’s absolutely thrilling. Evans remains as light on his feet as Iko Uwais, his lead, and he ducks and dives his camera through the carnage, holding its gaze at just the right moments. It’s a truly monumental directorial achievement.
‘The Raid’ features some of the hardest-hitting, and best, action I’ve ever seen, and all for $1.1m. That’s some kind of miracle if there ever was one.

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