HitRecord on TV – The Future is Now

I must admit, I’m a bit of a stickler for productivity. But even two reviews a week pales in comparison to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a man who wrote and directed Don Jon last year and starred in The Dark Knight Rises, Looper and Lincoln the year before.

And now this, the first episode in a season of unique variety shows from his open collaborative production company, HitRecord, an online community he started with his brother in 2005. For any of you who are unaware, it’s a gloriously creative corner of the internet where everyone is invited to contribute to a series of artistic projects. Contributions can be in form of music, artwork, animations, stories, or anything really. In fact, there are even people who just rate everyone else’s content to make sure it’s the best stuff that floats to the top.

However, what has been purely an internet-based phenomenon up until now, has finally made the massive leap onto the telly-box. Gordon-Levitt hosts each episode in front of a live theatre audience and he commands the stage wonderfully, providing charming segues between each feature.
These main segments are remarkably diverse and can range from live musical numbers to documentary shorts. This first episode provides something for everyone with a touching little animation, an insightful documentary and an entertaining final song, all made using individual contributions from hundreds of different HitRecord users.
Admittedly, it’s a show I was always going to love because it’s such a proud bastion of user-created material. But, all that aside, it features some impressively high-quality content and a delightfully endearing sense of fun. Bravo, Regular Joe.

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