Brooklyn Nine-Nine – ‘Pilot’ Review

After tearing it up at the Golden Globes during the week, surprise ‘Best Comedy’ ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ has made its way over the pond and is now part of e4’s ever-growing schedule of high profile US comedies.
Andy Samberg won ‘Best Actor in a Comedy Series’ for his portrayal of Jake Peralta, the grossly immature, but irresistibly charming, lead detective in Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct and, even in this pilot, he seems totally at home in the role.
In fact, if there’s one thing you’ll take away from this pilot it’s how relaxed it all seems . . . and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It was as if I was joining the show multiple seasons in, without any of that awkward experimentation that can occur in the early episodes of many comedies.
Saying that, it would be remarkable if the show doesn’t have to overcome some hiccups further down the line, so I’ll reserve judgement until then, but for a show to be this effective at such an early stage is remarkable. I just hope that all the positive buzz draws in a good audience when the episode airs tonight*.
*9pm on e4

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