Tucker & Dale vs. Evil – Hillbilly Humour

I’m just turning my hand to some news for a moment;

For anyone who’s been watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Channel 4 have just announced that the second half of season one won’t be returning to our screens until March (more on that here).

So that means no reviews of episode 11 onwards until then, sadly.

In other news, in lieu of a full review, I thought last nights episode of Sherlock was excellent and a thoroughly enjoyable end to season three. 

At its worst, Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is Scary Movie; but, at its best, it’s something else entirely.
That’s because, on the one hand, we have Tucker & Dale, a lovable pair of Hillbillies spending a few days out in the woods. Then, on the other, we have ‘evil’, in the form of a group of dull, and occasionally hateful, teens who accuse our leads of being ‘psycho killers’, due to a number of utterly ridiculous misunderstandings,.
Most of these mix-ups feel totally contrived and pretty stupid, really. However, the buddy movie going on underneath the dumb B-movie horror is absolutely delightful and the two leads, Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk, are excellent. It also features some refreshingly inoffensive Hillbilly humour, which has to be one of my new favourite sub-genres. There’s no cynicism, no mean-spiritedness; just huggable, and surprisingly delicate, humour.
While the kids are grating, the central pairing in Tucker & Dale is charming and often brilliantly funny.

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