The Hunt – A Deeply Troubling Masterpiece

Mads Mikkelsen stars as nursery assistant, Lucas, in this harrowing Danish drama about the devastating effects of allegations of paedophilia.

Mikkelsen gives a heart-breakingly human performance as Lucas’ life is torn apart, shattering any conceivable dramatic boundary with the audience. Aided by the understated writing, his performance subtlety bores its way into the darkest recesses of your soul making it impossible not to become emotionally invested in the character’s life.

There aren’t many actors working today that can hold their own against Mikkelsen when he’s on as scintillating form as this, but remarkably the rest of the cast do an exceptional job. Most importantly, Thomas Vinterberg draws a sublime performance out of Annika Wedderkopp as Klara, the child around who the accusations are centred. It’s rare to say this of such a young actress, but her use of body language, especially with regards to a number of child-like tics, is devastatingly effective
There is no such thing as a perfect film. There are however films that feel perfect. ‘The Hunt’ is one such film.

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