Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn – Probably the Greatest Video Game Movie of All Time

In the lead up to last year’s launch of ‘Halo 4’, the latest instalment of one of the world’s most popular video games, the franchise finally made the big step into the movie world with ‘Forward Unto Dawn’.
Originally released online in five parts, Forward Unto Dawn sees Tom Lasky, a rookie cadet for a the UNSC (United Nations Space Cadets), training to be sent out to fight the inter-galactic insurrectionists. We then follow him through some clichéd military scenes, complete with grossly stereotyped characters and uninspired dialogue. In fact, it’s a good job Lasky didn’t copy his buddies because he’s surprisingly watchable, due mostly to a sympathetic and well measured performance from relative newcomer, Tom Green.
However, everything changes as we get to part three and find out who the real enemy is. Sirens sound as Covenant (the alien race that act as the primary antagonists of the series) ships descend on the training facility and start blasting away at all the vastly under-prepared troops. But, as luck would have it, Master Chief, the super-soldier protagonist of the games, arrives just in time to save the day.
These scenes with Chief really shine and prove that incredible action can still be pulled off with minimal resources. The effective use of the budget stands as a refreshing reminder of the series’ origins and the whole movie embraces all that is great about internet-based content; the idea of passionate people coming together to create something tailored-made for its audience, without any of the cynicism or greed of the modern studio system.
I’m uncertain if it would play as well to non-Halo players, but I still think it has enough visual flair and excitement to appeal to a wider audience. Now, you know that movie you were talking about . . .

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