G.I. Joe: Retaliation – Featuring The Stig’s Kung-Fu Cousin

G.I. Joe: Retaliation is probably the most expensive cartoon ever. In true Saturday morning fashion, it features an evil organisation trying to take over the world, complete with bad guys spouting terrible speeches about world domination and nonsensical super-weapon mumbo-jumbo.
However, it still has some of their unadulterated fun. There are some cool gadgets and kudos must be given for creating one of the year’s most entertaining action sequences that takes the term wire-fu to whole new levels.

Unfortunately, although the kung-fu scenes are really fun, the more traditional American-style action is far less exciting and often uncomfortably violent. But, as we all know, if there’s no blood, then you can pretty much get away with as much brutality as you want and still keep a family-friendly rating. Though this is common fare in Hollywood blockbusters, for some reason G.I. Joe’s portrayal of violence didn’t always sit right with me, probably due to the fact that it’s undoubtedly a kid’s film . . . or it should be anyway.
And, on top of that, we have Bruce Willis playing the same role he’s played throughout the last decade or so and, true to form, he does it awfully. Any fun brought by the younger cast members is totally dashed whenever he turns up, which is a crying shame as Channing Tatum is actually enjoyable . . . not that he sticks around for long. I just wish people would stop fuelling Willis’ appalling greed when he asks for as much as he does cash without putting any effort in.
This big budget toy-based sequel is suitably ridiculous, but not without some thrills of its own.


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