Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1.08 – ‘The Well’ Review

Though Marvel’s claim of a ‘Thor: The Dark World’ spin-off was totally unjustified, this week’s episode achieved something far more worthwhile; it broke down some serious barriers to Agent Ward’s character. I’d got so used to his two-dimensionality that it rather took me off guard when he was finally provided with a bit of depth. It also gave Brett Dalton a rare chance to show off his acting chops, and I was really drawn in by his unashamedly human performance.
Another star performer was this week’s guest star Peter MacNicol who did an excellent job playing an expert in Norse mythology. Unlike many of the additional cast members up until now, he seemed totally comfortable in his role, even when things got a bit wacky. He showed a welcome respect for the source material by treating it seriously, while still maintaining an off-beat, and thoroughly charming, tone.

Episode 8 was a pretty useless Thor crossover, but it told an engaging new story elevated by some good performances.


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