Atlantis – Episode 1 Review

It may be that I’m just too old, but it’s been a long time since anything in BBC One’s Saturday tea-time slot has managed to hold my attention. Though ‘Doctor Who’ did, up to a point, ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘Merlin’ left me pretty cold and, unfortunately, so has their latest offering, ‘Atlantis’.

Maintaining the BBC’s strange fixation with mythological retellings, Atlantis, tells the story of Jason who’s zapped away to the famous lost city whilst in a submarine searching for his supposedly drowned father. Why and how that happened is set up as the show’s key mystery and, as expected, it involves a lot of talk of ‘chosen ones’ and ‘prophesies’. This very basic premise is understandable, as a similar set-up worked so well for Merlin, whose viewing figures remained impressive right through its run, but it’s pretty dull.
However, to keep things fresh, we have a new setting – Ancient Greece, to be exact – which entices me far more than Medieval Britain. But even that didn’t manage to draw me, with the writers choosing to play so fast and loose with the mythology that it lost a hell of a lot in translation.
So, all in all, I was left disappointed. I mean, it wasn’t terrible, just totally uninteresting.


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