Point Break – Kathryn Bigelow is Amazing

There’s something magical about flicking through channels late at night and unearthing a hidden gem. It adds a sense of surprise that is too often lost when watching movies in this day and age, and probably the greatest example of this, for me, has been Point Break.

The first hour or so is amazing; it’s exciting, funny and beautifully shot. Kathryn Bigelow (director) brings a real sophistication to the action, with some beautiful camerawork paving the way for some truly exhilarating sequences. But the film also has a message, of sorts – a message of living life to the full – which is admirable.
Admittedly, the second half does tail of a bit, but it does nothing to nullify the one lesson I learnt from the film; that Patrick Swayze is one cool dude . . . and that sky-diving’s awesome.

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