Affleck as Batman – My Two Cents . . .

Joss Whedon’s had his say, so’s Patton Oswalt and even Adam West . . . but now it’s my turn.
In the lead up to this huge casting announcement, there were two directions I thought the new Batman should be cast. They should either play young and, to match the inexperience of that Batman, cast a relative unknown to play him. This could have worked well, I think, as a way of worming this new Batman into the public consciousness, especially when this new incarnation didn’t have to support a whole movie by himself.
Or they should play old and go with a ‘Dark Knight Returns’-style out-of-retirement Batman. A role suited to someone older like Bryan Cranston, for example.
Ben Affleck is somewhere in the middle ground.
However, I feel he is in a very interesting place in his career, one that embraces both the old and the young. I feel he has both the experience and the charm to provide a balanced take on the Batman that we’ve never seen before on the big-screen.
Affleck’s experience comes from his critical mauling during the middle of his career (Gigli and Pearl Harbour etc.) and his steady rise back into the business to become an first-rate director. And, through all this, he seems friendlier and more engaging than ever in interviews.
This is why I think Ben Affleck could make a great Batman, but it’s his responsibility to do that. If he has a clear idea of where he wants to take the character then he should stick to it, no matter how much mayhem Zach Snyder and his writers throw into Batman vs Superman. Admittedly, this relies a great deal on his integrity, but I think Affleck’s Batman could stand as a shining light when the movie explodes onto our screens in 2015.

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