Blade II – Pulpy Goodness

I’m jetting off to Cuba on Thursday, so the blog’s going to go cold for the next two weeks. I will be back though, and hopefully with a load of exciting stuff to talk about. 

I hope you all have a great few weeks.

Benedict Seal

Wesley Snipes is back as vampire ass-kicker, Blade, in this sequel to 1998s ‘Blade’, one of the first of the new wave of comic book movies and one of the early successes.
This second film does a fantastic job of replicating all that was great about the first film, and, while replication isn’t always a desirable trait for a movie to have, when the original was so good at knowing exactly what it was and going all out to entertain, it’s far from a bad thing. Guillermo Del Toro (director of both this and the newly released ‘Pacific Rim’) adds his own twist on the source and ups the ante with moments of gloriously inventive and unpredictable direction aided by some thrilling kinetic camerawork.
He also boosts the scares with some spine-tingling body horror. But, through all this blood and gore, Del Toro somehow manages to maintain a consistently spot-on tone of joyous fun.
Unfortunately, not everyone is as talented as the director, and the story is largely uninspired, but still serviceable. The editing also left something to be desired, and at times seemed to inhibit the Del Toro’s visual style, making it feel choppy and harsh.
It’s Del Toro who provides the big draw here, perfectly matching, and elevating, the pulpy joy of the concept and delivering an exhilarating and thoroughly entertaining sequel.

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