Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Pilot Review

This opening episode features Yoda and three clone troopers outnumbered and hunted by an army of battle droids.

Plot-wise it’s pretty threadbare and basically consists of a number of small scale skirmishes leading up to the final showdown. However, there is some room left for quieter moments, with time given to both the good guys and the bad guys. On the one hand, we have the droids interactions which are played for laughs, but don’t really work, and, on the other, the soul-searching and more complex interactions between Yoda and his troops, which proved to be far more interesting.

Also, I don’t know whether it’s standard for cartoon serials, but it seemed very much like a standalone episode, with characters given no real introduction. So, while I wasn’t really sure what I was watching, it was kind of fun.

Categories: TV

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