Sons of Anarchy – Pilot Review

Hey everyone,

I would just like to take a moment thank you all for reading this and anything else I’ve ever posted on here.

This blog has been on the up recently. It wasn’t long ago that the site underwent a major face-lift; which hopefully now allows easier access to older articles and is a bit more pleasing to the eye. I personally feel it has been a great improvement.

To encourage further growth, I would like to try and roughly double my output, and for that reason I am introducing a little series called ‘Ready for take off’ . . . or something like that.

TV watching takes time and, at the moment, I have no time to watch weekly episodes of ‘Breaking Bad’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ . . . let alone catch up with them. I mean, for the past year, virtually all my TV watching time has been focused on Lost (currently on season 5), Spartacus (finished Gods of the Arena), The Wire (finished the first two seasons), The Walking Dead (near the end of season 2) and Homeland (all caught up).

But, in anticipation of a time when I finish one or more of these shows, I have started to sift through the popular shows to try and decide what to tackle next. So, with the help of both iTunes and Xbox Video, I have gained access to a selection of pilots that I will watch and then give all you lovely people my first impressions.

To start off, I went went with Sons of Anarchy; a show that I tried and failed to join at the start season of season 3. Let’s see if I fared any better starting from episode 1 . . .

It’s an interesting start to the now long-running biker gang drama, but not a wholly successful one. 

What I’ve garnered from this first episode is that there are two sides to this show. On the one hand, we have the biker-stuff – revenge-fuelled feuds, run-ins with the law . . . all that jazz – and that’s really entertaining. 

Then on the other side there’s some kind of family drama thing going on which is a far rockier road. Some of it’s interesting; like the whole concept of whether the founding father would frown upon the way the gang has become a bunch of outlaws and the importance of father figures. But some of it’s far more mundane . . . and kind of tedious.

However, any boredom is overcome by the writers deciding to jump right into the action with this opening episode. They do throw a lot of names around, but it never becomes that overwhelming and allows the action to get right into the nitty-gritty.
So, overall, it was an enjoyable pilot, but I just wished there was more ‘anarchy’, and slightly fewer ‘sons’.
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