Catching Fire (Suzanne Collins) Review

I like reading whole chapters at a time; in the same way that I like watching whole TV episodes. That’s no big deal . . . . .

Not usually, anyway . . . but that links with the gripe most prominent in my mind about part two of the Hunger Games trilogy: the last chapter.
I had made an effort to save the last chapter so I could read it all in one go. Now I’m not one for spoilers, but it was disappointing . . . to say the least.
I had been slightly worried when I reached the end of the penultimate chapter and realised Suzanne Collins only had fourteen pages to fashion some kind of suitable ending in preparation for the last part of Katniss’ story. My worries were apt.
I just felt let-down. I had already worked out some of the twists, and unfortunately they happened to be the ones Collins focused on most. The twists I hadn’t been expecting were glossed over and never carried the weight good twists do. All this adds up to a badly executed final chapter, but one that I hope will be made up for with part three.
However, even with all this negativity, I enjoyed the reading experience of Catching Fire more than the Hunger Games. Now, this was probably down to the fact that I watched ‘The Hunger Games‘ before reading it, but that’s not the point.
I must also add that while the Hunger Games are what the series has focused on up until now, they aren’t the most interesting aspect. What I am looking for in Mockingjay is the continuation of the rebellion story-line rather than another, probably over-contrived, Hunger Games.
In Catching Fire, Collins did manage to develop the Games themselves, adding more of a problem-solving element for Katniss and the reader, but I’m growing tired of angry animals (that are going to look horrible in CGI, I might add) and killer weather patterns.
So please, Suzanne Collins, don’t disappoint me with Mockingjay. Both The Hunger Games and Catching Fire had their ups and downs, but the ups have the chance to become something special.

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