PROMETHEUS PREP: An Introduction

I would like to say I have been waiting for this moment for 33 years, but that’s not exactly the case . . . it’s more like 3. Buuuuut . . .

*drum roll*

Well in the UK, at least, and I’m off to my local world of cine to feast my eyes upon what Sir Ridley has concocted for us all on Monday.
So to fully gear myself up for what I hope will be an amazing cinema-going experience, I have decide to make full use of my shiny Alien Anthology Blu-ray set and watch an Alien-universe marathon; A film a night, leading up to Prometheus on Monday afternoon.
I decided to go with a slightly altered order, and started with Aliens (my personal favourite), Alien 3 (the assembly cut’s pretty good), Alien: Resurrection (Let’s be honest here, it’s not great) and then Ridley Scott’s dark, brooding masterpiece to lead directly onto Prometheus.
I plan on posting a review a day, finishing with the big one on Tuesday.
So, I hope you enjoy the ride. I know I will.

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