The Wire #2.1 – What the Fuck They Change the Music For?

It’s been three long weeks, but I’ve finally dived back in. 

So here we are . . . Season Two of The Wire.

The old crew are back: McNulty’s back to his best, still managing to fuck Homicide over, even when he’s on Harbour Patrol. Most of the old team have moved on as well; Kima’s got paperwork, Herc’s laughing at ‘whiteboys’, Daniels is on evidence, Prez is trying to do good, but not being helped by his dickish father-in-law, and Bunk’s doing what Bunk does best; being Bunk.

Not to be outdone, Barksdale’s crew are back as well. Avon’s coping with it behind bars, trusting Stringer to keep his empire up-and-running, and Bodie is still not trusted.
But we’ve also got a load of new European Harbour guys; Frank seems to be the boss, and then there’s Serge (or should I say Boris). But, the thing is; I have no fucking clue what the hell they are doing. They just seem to spend their time talking about dicks and Polish dildos, and, on top of that, they’ve got a container full of rotting whores.
Well I’m sure I’ll soon find out what the hell is going on down at the harbour, but until then I can dream for the good old days of the season one theme. 
P.S. I miss you Bubbs.
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