A couple of nights ago I was scouring my Twitter feed (as you do) and I came across a re-tweet by one of the IGN UK guys. It was a deal for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. ‘Game’ was selling it for £24.99, even though it’s only been out a couple of weeks. Now came the tricky part, it was obviously a better deal than anywhere else in the UK for a game I was looking forward to checking out, but I could just wait a little while and buy it when I have a bit more spare cash.

I spent a little while umming and arring about whether to order it, then it occurred to me. It was delivery only! That would mean I would have a parcel to open when I get home from school in a few days time! And funnily enough, it was having a parcel to open that finally swung me far enough into the metaphorical ‘buy area’ to click ‘add to basket’.

Now this may just be me, but I think humans just love receiving things, whether it’s something that you’ve ordered or a surprise birthday present etc. It’s an occurrence that I’m going to call ‘UNRAP’ (or the Unknown Need to Receive Anything, especially Presents).
We all have a little bit of ‘UNRAP’ inside us and mine escapes far too regularly, often costing me £25. I must try harder to control it, but there’s just something magical about ripping open packaging to reveal something that’s brand new, and yours.
For all the benefits of buying a game in a shop, like being able to take it home, then and there, and be playing within mere minutes of purchase, there’s just somethingabout ordering stuff on line. I don’t know whether it’s the wait, cranking up the expectation level, which makes it a more magical experience. Or coming home and seeing a parcel on the table and taking it upstairs and ripping open the packaging to reveal a shiny new game, or Blu-ray or whatever else, and then opening it up and taking a good sniff to catch all the ‘new-game’ goodness before it fades away.
But whatever it is . . . I like it!

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